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Hey there, I'm Dr. Reinold,

a medical doctor, board certified psychiatrist, military wife and mother of 3 young children.

And I have one singular mission: to see your children THRIVE.

As a mother of school aged children and as a psychiatrist who has seen a surge of mental health struggles in the past year, I see clearly the harm that is being perpetuated in our schools. We have lost sight of our most precious commodity: the hearts and minds of our children.

I don't care about building my resume or growing my social network. I don't want handouts or business connections. I'm running for school board to stand up for what is best for our kids.  I'm running for school board, because I'm tired of the dismissal of mental health struggles of our children, the increasing burdens on our teachers, the lack of transparency and validation from our leaders, and the disregard of parents' autonomy over their children. 

I'm running for school board to bring you REAL EXPERTISE and REAL SOLUTIONS.

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